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Ge transceiver vintage vhf

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Note spinner knob on steering wheel! Brand see all. I do not have anyway of testing these so they are considered not working. Instead, when the label was removed, this one said "Carrier Current. This model was introduced during wartime and was in production by late It uses all silicon transistors. The Progress Line would be made for ten years and was GE's flagship product.

ge transceiver vintage vhf ge transceiver vintage vhf


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General Electric was an already well established manufacturer of a broad spectrum of electrical and electronic material when it decided to enter the land mobile police radio market in GE's initial land mobile radio products were mobile and motorcycle receivers for the AM medium frequency police channels in the and KHz bands, and in the early 's the company branched out with an experimental VHF AM two way set, using a super-regenerative receiver, but which was more or less a toy rather than a serious police tool. Inevitably, there will be "holes" in data coverage in any project like this, and I do not have enough information, manuals or examples of equipment to make this page an absolutely complete reference. For example, I do not have photos or detailed descriptions of the motorcycle and mobile equipment made by GE prior to , other than that below, so while mentioned here, it is not covered in any detail. GE installed its first two-way AM equipment in for the Boston Police Department, operating in the 30 Megacycle band with an experimental license. This equipment was built and designed at the GE Schenectady plant. The base station transmitter was a 1.
ge transceiver vintage vhf ge transceiver vintage vhf

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ge transceiver vintage vhf ge transceiver vintage vhf

Two Vintage GE General Electric Transceiver Model Y7000 Walkie Talkie

GE's entry into the market of the 's was the Transistorized Progress Line, or TPL equipment, although production of the Progress Line continued simultaneously for a few years. All manufacturers were in a race to produce equipment which was as transistorized as possible, and at that time this meant using germanium transistors. Because of this race, some less-than-optimum implementations or processes were sometimes rushed into production. GE's TPL consisted of a fully transistorized receiver and a partially transistorized transmitter, in a modular housing which could be taken apart and mounted throughout a vehicle in separate pieces. The TPL was initially supplied as a rather large under-dash package consisting of a front section containing the receiver and part of the transmitter exciter, a center section containing the balance of the transmitter exciter and a power amplifier, and a rear section containing the power supply for the transmitter, as shown in the first photo below. A complicated engine-compartment mounted fuse-block relay unit switched power to the power supply section and muted the receiver, something done internally in Motorola and competitive equipment. TPL shipments began in approximately late
ge transceiver vintage vhf ge transceiver vintage vhf
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